For Gut Sake

lovely leitrim raw milk from bradley's dairy farm

For Gut Sake Raw Milk

A wee poem about our milk by Patrick Bradley

On a farm in Leitrim which is hilly and green
That runs down to a lake and split by a stream

There lives a herd of happy cows and the taste of their milk well its just wow
Friesian, Ayrshire and Jersey bred they give high quality milk from green grass they are fed

Spring summer and fall they lie in the field just munching green grass and producing their yield
in winter they lie in a comfortable shed and just laze around and wait to be fed

So for strong bones and teeth, good skin and hair drink raw cows milk and to yourself be fair
Nothing added, nothing takes away as mother nature planned it on that first day

So when you go out to buy milk next time and you see all those products in a fridge in a line
Please buy some raw cows milk for the For Gut Sake brand
You'll be supporting the farmer, the cow and the land

For Gut Sake raw milk is a family run business in South Leitrim, we bottle raw cows milk on the farm. We have a diverse herd of cows; Friesian, Jersey, Ayrshire and Shorthorn, carefully crossed for the best features of their breed. We are once a day milkers resulting in lower yields but far healthier cows, with much higher protein and butterfat than cows milked twice a day.

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