Our Farm

We're a family farm in Corrawaleen, South Leitrim with a carefully bred herd of grass fed cows. We bottle their delicious raw milk right here with nothing added, just as nature intended.

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Our Cows

We have a diverse herd of cows; Friesian, Jersey, Ayrshire and Shorthorn.

We have spent years building up our herd and crossing the cows to take advantage of the best qualities in each breed.

There's 60 girls in the herd, but we're normally only milking 40 at any one time as each of the girls gets a three month holiday during the year.

We have a 100 acre farm and also rent some neighbouring lands which gives our cows plenty of space across 140 acres to graze and ensures that they can be fed entirely grass and grass products which we produce from our own land for their diet.



Our Milking Practices

We are once a day milkers resulting in lower yields but far healthier cows, with much higher protein and butterfat than cows milked twice a day. Once a day milking is also kinder to the animals as well as ourselves and allows us more time available to look after the farm and the cows.

Through careful herd management and on farm practices, we ensure that our cows produce the highest possible quality of milk. We are meticulous about cleanliness and hygiene and adhere to strict guidelines across the farm, our milking parlour and bottling facilities.

Our milk is tested regularly by an independent approved laboratory and we are inspected by the Department of Agriculture. We also use advanced genetic testing for each cow on a monthly basis.

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A Few of Our Family of Happy Girls

These are the type of cows we have base our breeding plan on. They are gentle, easy to manage and a pleasure to know and work with.

Our cows are milked only once a day, meaning less volume of milk but resulting then in much higher quality milk as well as less stress for the animals.



Bella is the oldest cow on the farm, born in 2005, she is not the greatest producer but over her lifetime she has given us an incredible service. She has never once been sick or had to see the vet. She is 100% fertile and she is clever and docile. She has no plans to retire.



Shadow is the youngest daughter of Bella. Very gentle and easy to manage from day one. She is Friesian, Ayrshire, Jersey and shorthorn bred. She is a taller and plainer looking cow compared to her mother and sister. She has just completed her first lactation and looks like she is a higher producer.



Freckles is Bella’s first daughter. She is Jersey Ayrshire and Friesian bred.

Freckles is quite lazy, and produces only a moderate amount of milk, albeit very high quality!

She is, however, very pretty and is a firm favourite with all the family!