For Gut Sake Raw Milk 9 Litres


9 litres of raw milk from For Gut Sake. Price includes shipping to any location in Republic of Ireland.
Please do have a look at the detailed description below for details of shelf life and weekly delivery day. The delivered price per litre works out as €3.50. If you wish to place a larger order – please send us a mail and we may be able to offer a discount.

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9 litres of raw milk from For Gut Sake Farm in South Leitrim.

The milk has a shelf life of 7 days from date of shipping.

We ship our milk on a Tuesday of each week and so the cut off time for orders is Monday at 5pm to receive on the same week. This system is in place to ensure that we have a sustainable delivery method in place for our business and as such we’re not able to make any exceptions!

By default, we normally ship 3L bottles, if you are very keen to receive in 1L bottles instead, please let us know in the order comments and we will do our best to fulfill this request (no absolute guarantee on same though)

Note that we are using plastic bottles for shipping – we have done a significant amount of research into the environmental impact and have weighed up the advantages of glass vs the impact and have come to the conclusion that as a really effective closed chain recycling system is in place for the type of plastic bottles we use that these are best available solution at present. We have been using conventional chillpack packaging but as of Spring 2022 we are switching to sustainable wool insulation, in an effort to keep our sale price at the same level, we are asking that customers return the wool packaging to us every 4 orders. Read about our new wool packaging and returns system

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland specifies that the following warning should be advised to consumers who wish to drink our natural unprocessed raw milk frsh from the farm:
“This milk has not been heat treated and may contain harmful bacteria. The FSAI strongly advises that , unless it is boiled first, it should not be consumed by children, pregnant women, older people or those who are unwell or have chronic illness”


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