Wool Packaging - New Sustainable System

March 2022

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your support with our online milk sales.
Whether you are a regular customer or a new customer, I’m sure you will be glad that we have changed our packaging from that horrible polystyrene, to this lovely environmentally friendly wool cool.
Unfortunately this is a much more expensive packaging system.
However we think we have come up with a system that will not affect you the customer, by having to raise the price.
Our proposal

1. Order and pay as normal
2. Collect 4 weeks packaging
3. Return them by post to us

This will be a very sustainable system.
It will be environmentally friendly
It will reduce our carbon footprint

We are going to give this a 2 months trial, if it works, everybody is a winner.
If it doesn’t work, we will have to pass on the extra cost.
Looking forward to your co-operation in this venture
Good for us all
Good for our planet
Good for the future of our children

Best Regards